About of Muzeum

An educational and cultural institution, the Museum of Mazovian Jews is dedicated to the history of Jewish settlement in Poland. The exhibition space is divided into the following three parts: vestibule, Holocaust room and main exhibition hall. The vestibule is where the history of Mazovian Jews is presented by means of statistical documents and the most important information about Jewish settlement in Poland from its very beginning up to the recent revival of Jewish culture in Poland. Equipped with multimedia tools, the main exhibition hall is where the visitors can become familiar with Jewish culture through samples of Jewish cuisine, music, religious holidays, customs and architecture. The exhibition room devoted to the Holocaust is based on a book entitled Kartki z pozogi (Leaves From the Flame) by Symcha Guterman, who was an eyewitness of the destruction of the world of Plock Jews, and archive photographs taken by Mazovian Jews. The exhibition is complemented with a multimedia presentation based on Jewish paper-cuts. Apart from housing exhibitions, the Museum of Mazovian Jews organises concerts, literary soirees, lectures, theatrical performances, temporary exhibitions, lessons, film shows, slide shows, Jewish cuisine tastings, visual art workshops and dance workshops. By doing so, the museum aims at presenting Jewish culture, securing communication between Poles and Jews, fighting prejudice and challenging stereotypes. Also, it is one of the institutions which promote the region of Mazovia, including Plock itself, through attracting tourists from both home and abroad.